How many miniatures can I fit in the case?

Paul M

Up to 700 miniatures!

You can fit 70 x 25mm bases on a single shelf and if your miniatures are on the short side (e.g. grots) you can get one shelf on each of the 10 levels for a total of 700 miniatures.

You can fit 42 x 32mm bases on a single shelf and with the average miniature on that sized base you can get a shelf on every other level, 5 shelves in total for 210 miniatures.

For your larger miniatures, the multi-level shelf system allows you to adjust the height as needed, and each shelf is large enough to fit a Baneblade or two Imperial Knights!

Do I need to put magnets on the bases of my miniatures?

William M

Yes, Magniature Case shelves have a layer of sheet metal that magnets stick to, the shelves themselves are not magnetized.

How arduous is the assembly? Does it come with instructions?

Reuben R

Assembling your flat-pack Magniature Case is reasonably straightforward and there are instructions you can find on this page. The most arduous part of the assembly process is driving in the screws.

Fully assembled cases from Magniature Cases are pop-riveted at the places where flat-pack cases are screwed, but are twice as expensive to ship.


Can I get a case without a cover design?

Jason B

You can order a Magniature Case with just a texture and logo but not with bare corflute.

When it comes to custom designs, can you use artwork I send through?

Hayden P

Yes, when commissioning a custom design you will be asked to provide a brief description and send through any images you have to help us understand the kind of “feel” you are looking for.

Keep in mind that Magniature Designs will only create art that is consistent with the style of our premade designs. We can however crop, scale, and adjust a specific image that you send through providing it is of reasonably high resolution.

Can I get non-warhammer designs on my case?

Daniel B

Absolutely! We have created custom designs for other systems including Star Wars Legion and Bolt Action, designs with wargaming club logos, and even designs just with artwork the customer liked.

No matter the system, we’ve got you covered.


What’s the turnaround time once an order is placed?

Phillip E

The production time for varies depending on demand and on suppliers. The current wait time is listed at the bottom of the Cases page on the webstore.

How many shelves come with the case?

Aaron D

Each Magniature Case comes with 4 shelves.

I can’t choose the design I want from the product page, how do I select the design I want when I place my order?

Darian R

You will need to type in the design you want in the “notes/instructions” box when you checkout. We are making plans to add functionality to choose your design from the product page in the future.

Are you able to ship internationally?


At this point in time we are only shipping to customers within Australia although we do plan to expand into international sales in the future.

If you are outside of Australia and interested in purchasing a case you can select the “own courier” option and organise your own shipping. The information you’ll need for a boxed flat pack case is shown below.

Boxed Dimensions (mm): 500 x 340 x 110

Boxed Weight (kg): 4

Pick Up Location: 13 Cardena Drive, Augustine Heights, QLD 4300





Assembly guide



Coming Soon…


Magniature cases are locally designed and manufactured in Australia

Address: 13 Cardena Drive, Augustine Heights, QLD 4300