Magnetic Miniature Cases Designed and Manufactured in Australia

Spare Case Covers and Magnetic Backing Now Available

Tabletop Gaming is a wonderful hobby absolutely bursting with awesome armies of fantastic miniatures, so many in fact that it’s pretty hard to stick to just one army!

Not all of us have the storage space for a whole case for each of our armies so you can now purchase additional Case Covers instead!

We’re also introducing an option for magnetic backing on premade and custom design covers, this backing is much weaker than our shelves so while it’s not suitable for securing minis for transport, it’s ideal to convert your covers into a handy carry tray, perfect for tournaments!

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The Horus Heresy Comes To Magniature Cases.

Every now and then something pretty exciting happens in the world of wargaming and in 2022 that thing is the long anticipated refresh of The Horus Heresy tabletop game!

Loyalists and traitors alike can look forward to going to war in style with our new range of Horus Heresy cover designs.

We’ll be adding to this range over the next few weeks with the aim of having all of the legion designs ready to go by the time the new boxed set arrives.

Clear Acrylic Covers Now Available!

To coincide with our very first sponsorship with Arc40K we have finally made available perhaps our most requested cover design… clear acrylic!

Customers who place their order for a clear acrylic case by July 24 will be guaranteed delivery by August 24, giving you plenty of time to take it to Arc40K and show off the beautifully painted armies we’re sure you’ve been working on!

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Introducing Magniature Cases

Designed and manufactured in Australia, Magniature Cases are lightweight, economical, sturdy, and attractive.

Our miniature carry cases combine style and function to bring you a miniature case that will not only improve your gaming experience, but will look good doing it.

Featuring a multi-level magnetic shelf system and strikingly designed custom covers, Magniature Cases are the ultimate carry case for your miniatures.

Designed with carry-on luggage in mind, our miniature cases meet all Australian carrier requirements and the majority of international carriers… perfect for tournament players.

No matter which tabletop gaming system you play, our miniature carry cases will add convenience and style to your game.

Magniature cases are locally designed and manufactured in Australia

Address: 5 Cotton Crescent REDBANK PLAINS QLD 4301