Our Cases

Case Specifications

Capacity & Convenience

Constructed from lightweight aluminium and fluted polypropylene, Magniature Cases are sturdy and lightweight. Each case is fitted with a carry handle, case clips, and lift off hinges so you can place the cover out of the way while packing and unpacking your miniatures.

With storage capacity for up to 700 miniatures, a single miniature case is large enough for most standard games.

Case Dimensions (mm) 480H x 325W x 220D

Case Weight (g) ≈1900


Shelf Specifications

Magnetic & Flexible

Magniature Cases feature a removable shelf system so you can easily transport your miniatures to and from the gaming table with 10 different levels to accommodate miniatures of different heights

Each shelf has a 0.4mm sheet metal layer for your magnetized bases to stick to with a rubberized coating to prevent your miniatures sliding around during transport.

Shelf Dimensions (mm) 285L x 200W x 10H

Shelf Magnetic Area (mm) 245L x 180W

Shelf Weight (g) ≈330

Magniature cases are locally designed and manufactured in Australia

Address: 29 Finlayson Street, Spring Mountain, QLD 4300

Email: magniature@outlook.com